Summer Love & Announcement Post

Hey People!

♥ ◊ ♥ ◊ I hope that in light of all local and global distress, everyone is taking steps in their own way (great or small) to assure that them and their family/community are okay and moving forward the best ways possible. From inspirational memes, podcasts or poetry – never stop playing with recipes for personal and collective wellness. ♥ ◊ ♥ ◊

Coming Up:
The HEAT Center (Healing Evolution and Awareness Therapies) is a unique holistic healing collective and educational space located on the west side of the city. There’s a total of 6 in house practitioners that specialize in everything from Reiki to Acupuncture.
My friend and founder of the facility, Emily Ball put me on to having art displayed here alongside other amazing artists on June 22nd. Bring your best vibes to the opening reception and get to know everyone, it’ll be a beautiful time.
Donations for the center are kindly accepted.

This will also be one of my last visual art features in Buffalo, NY for the year.

On June 29th at 125 Tattoo Studio Art Collective, I will have a vinyl DJ Set at their next collaborative event “Don’t Sweat The Technique”. From 6PM to 11PM, there will be an exhibit with local and international artists showcasing the Love of Hip Hop and exploring the diversity of Urban Arts Culture. If you’re interested in submitting something that fits the criteria, all are welcome to contact Jessica Fox about participating. Know also that if slots are full to stay posted on their page about future shows.

Furthermore, I’m really excited to watch The D.O.P.E. Collective continue to flourish in the hands of my most trusted Buffalo homies and all our new volunteers after I relocate to New York City later this season. After close to two years of making our mission visible, accessible for those who need us and teaming up with other collective organizations… it’s time for me to explore new corners of my creative development and expand.
I warmly invite you to watch our video introduction created by digital media magician Anthony “Ace The Outsider” Pierce. We had the opportunity to talk about organizing as young black individuals in the city of Buffalo, NY, challenges we face and who we are.

*Not included with the video are the core member social media links and official websites. Find them and follow along with their passions as well:
Savion & Jamiah of The VENT Studio, Khari of Metalcore band Disrepair, Jason Teacher & Martial Arts Enthusiast.

If you’re excited to learn about what role you’re able to play within this force we created together, feel free to attend one of our Bi-Weekly Community Meetings.

My calendar is being updated regularly with events that I am hosting, assisting with and interested in – always remember to take a peek. If you miss any visuals or want to see what I’m up to in my freetime, photos and videos are on my instagram located at the bottom of the page and here.

Thanks for reading!

In Bloom: Mega Post (Part 1 & 2)

Hi Everyone,

In the midst of the weather warming back up and folks starting to mobilize — I’ve been extremely anxious about announcing upcoming events, projects and features. This is going to be a wild post, and perhaps not the last.

To start, the long awaited D.O.P.E. Collective Deconstructing Masculinity  workshop finally kicks off this weekend! The seats are all full for the first day of the Spring/Summer set where we cover Masculinity and Colonialism. Thanks to everyone who signed up and advertised. If you’re still interested, the June 11th workshop day still has seating available and is also free. You can learn more about the details for Deconstructing Masculinity Pt. 2 right here. Please be sure to check updates on the event page and our timeline. All while the conversations will be difficult to have, this information will be incredibly useful for those who are carrying it outside of the space into the atmosphere.

  • After the first workshop day on the 21st of May, I’m breaking out my Technics again to DJ an eclectic vinyl set at She Lives‘ 3rd event #BallsDEEP of the #DEEP Performance Art/Party series in downtown Buffalo at Mohawk Place. There will be incredible costumes & cute queer nightlife activity. This event is 21 and over, and kicks off at midnight. Here is the event page so you can view more details, Batter Up!
  • I’ve mentioned in one of my very first blog posts on here that I’ve always wanted to make comic strips. If you know me personally, you’ve probably heard me mention it endlesslessly… I’m very happy to announce that “Cherubim” will be coming out on the African American holiday Juneteenth (June 19th). You can see what’s happening on instagram here.
  • I’m also collaborating on a zine called “Banji” with with long-time friend & Afro-Dystopian creative, Destiny Washington of The Brooklyn Waste Collective. Brooklyn Waste Collective is a project that simultaneously highlights black femme existence in subculture and being a self empowered, radical and active figure in the world as we know it.


They give the breakdown and full detailed grit of their aesthetic on the official website & blog here. Stay tuned for the official release date of Banji, but in the meantime peep our Instagrams for activities and previews. (@brooklynwaste + @noirmyth) ❤️


Polaroid by Destiny – NYC 2015

In alignment with Pride week, 125 Art Collective Tattoo Studio will be having another group artshow! It’s titled, “I’m Proud” and will feature tons of artists from around the city and on a national scale. I’ll be having another piece of artwork on display and everything will be up for 3-weeks after the opening on May 27th. For those who have hang ready pieces which provoke thoughts and feelings of something you’re proud of, contact Jess about being added to the list. The deadline is May 25 to get pieces in and space is limited, so act fast.

If you haven’t had the opportunity, please check out my online shop. I’ve given her a makeover, made a few updates and will be doing my absolute best to keep it updated with new items. Remember that if you see something you love, but it’s gone, that you can always hit my contact box on this website or email me at anytime unless specified otherwise for a commission.

Thanks for reading and following along with my creative journey. It’s nonlinear like my heartbeat and sometimes I don’t know how to keep up — but the passion is there, and I’m learning a lot as I go.

’93 Til Infinity: Mid-April Update Post

Hey Everyone!

It’s 23rd annual me day! 🎂 I have a few of announcements to make before I’m off to NYC for a few days. I’m very excited to link back up and watch the work of my fellow creatives who are making it happen over that way.

I also plan on bringing the latest zine done by The VENT Studio to the city with me. The cover uses my illustration of Anansi The Spider which they designed as a passport to encompass the theme of Black Rage & Traveling Out Of Isolation. There are a lot of rich perspectives and enlightening articles all throughout this issue. If you miss me while I’m around, you can read it online.

When I get back, the weekend is going to be pretty eventful. Here’s a look:

  • Friday the 22nd
    D.O.P.E. Collective will be co-facilitating the Decolonization of Sexual Health Workshop with Speaker Sonalee Rashatwar presented by Planned Parenthood. If you’re looking to be around for an informative intersectional feminist lecture, come through early to the Frank E. Merriweather Library. Later that evening there will be an additional meet up & refreshments at Planned Parenthood.
  • Saturday the 23rd
    As mentioned in my previous post, I’ll be having a piece displayed at 125 Art Collective Tattoo Studio for their Grand Opening. The other day while dropping off my art, I got to see the crew hard at work building the space. It’s so much to look forward to.
    Afterwards I’ll be making my way over to Mohawk Place for Cold Wave at The Cat Cave, where I’m getting into a synth-pop dance party and enjoying the company of other artists while I table some merchandise. Including my most recent work left over from the last show.


*If you’re interested in seeing any more of my work in person, I still have some on display at Kaydara Noodle Bar until further notice and Prism Gallery until the end of this month. If you ever forget what I have going on you can always visit my event calendar.*

As always, thank you for staying tuned and being supportive – I’ll be seeing all of you soon.

Spring Fever: Dreams In Action

Hey Everybody,

April is going to be a month full of celebration, expanding artistic horizons and allowing everything I have been working on all Winter to be seen. Also, my portfolio has finally been added to the Menu bar, I urge you to take a look and please feel free to tell me what you think.


*Hightlight: I’m overjoyed to announce that the Opening reception for my very first solo show, “BLAQ L♡RE ARCADE : Afrofuture Remix” will be happening at Dreamland Gallery on April Fool’s Day. You can read my artist statement and stay up on details at the event page hyperlinked above. Don’t forget to tell your friends as well. In addition to prints, I’ll have tons of original artwork from things your can wear to items that hang on your wall for sale at that show. My webstore will be updated after I collect everything back, in the meantime you can browse what I have available.

Later that month on April 23rd, I’m going to have one piece appear at the Grand Opening of 125. Which will be a new creative space located at 125 Elmwood Avenue in Downtown Buffalo, NY and function as a tattoo studio, inclusive art gallery and a retail shop for vintage goods, handmade items & much more.
It’s been a dream of owners Ted Hawkins and his partner Aimee Yavno since moving back from California.
12495250_551406208367588_990223809495656654_nHawkins currently works out of The Paradigm Tattoo, and you can contact him through their page to learn more about displaying your artwork & hosting private shows in the future. Be sure to scroll through his instagram and check out his new apprentice Jessica as well.



One more thing, be sure to watch the Dope Collective timeline and calendar for details about our first show of the year this Spring and the Free Four-Day All Inclusive Workshop on Deconstructing Masculinity.


It’s been a long time coming, but we’re really excited to team up with Leaving Our Legacy and Planned Parenthood so we can share these lessons and engage in important discussions with all of you.


Local Art Feature: Kaydara Noodle Bar

I’m pleased to announce that through the efforts of Alana Adetola, local visual artist and friend – that I have some small works of art on display and available for purchase at Kaydara Noodle Bar, located at 777 Main Street in Buffalo, NY. You can check for their hours and food specials at the link provided above.

Any further questions or curiosities following this update, contact me here or email as soon as you can.

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It’s Lit: On Loving Creative Momentum

Hey Everyone,

If you’ve been following along loosely with my social media accounts and Event Calendar, you’ve been able to see all that I’ve been up to quite a bit in the last few months. The response has been remarkable and I’m happy to know that I have such encouraging and kind supporters.
With that said, I would like to announce a Webstore Update: New Prints were added, and Free Domestic Shipping on all unframed prints, forever. 

But that’s not all for good news.

I was recognized and nominated as 1 of 50 influential people in the LGBQTAI community of the Buffalo/WNY region by Loop Magazine. You can read my write-up and all the others in their 50th Issue titled “Circles Of Influence”. The download is available on their website, but if you live in the area you can stop by 224 Allen Street in Buffalo, NY at their official headquarters and snatch a hardcopy.


Also, The Legacy Sound & FX Festival D.O.P.E. Collective helped co-organize in support of ending AIDS by 2020 at the beginning of December with Leaving Our Legacy turned out to be a great success.
Not only did I met a ton of cool people tabling all my artwork; dance with the squad I’ve been organizing with for a year, but there was an estimated 200+ guests and record number in HIV/STD testing!


Lastly, the past couple weeks I’ve been working with collage artist Sara Burhans (IG: GRISHKOVONTROMP) for Dreamland and Sugar City’s Artist Lottery Experiment and Group Showing. It’s been a wonderful experience.
For more information about each gallery’s show times of all artist pairing collaborative pieces, peep my calendar and official event page.

♥️ Words of Encouragement ♥️

  • Work honestly as you build towards fulfilling your individual and collective missions.
  • Create something new and uplift yourself & others everyday.
  • Reflect on and analyze on unsuccessful trials, but never harp on them for too long because it steals time away from celebrating each step, strategizing for the future, rest and so many other things that are crucial to the role you aspire to play and just being in general.201507_2125_cihhc_sm


Canvas & Cold Wave: Appearance At Seance At The Sanctuary

*Want to start off this post by stating, Rest in Peace Dorothy Dandridge (November 9, 1922 – September 8, 1965) – Black American Actress, Woman of Distinct Natural Beauty & Many Other Talents.*

Dorothy Dandridge with Harry Belafonte in Carmen Jones (1954)
Dorothy Dandridge with Harry Belafonte in Carmen Jones (1954)

Summer isn’t over quite yet and everything is still very much in motion. In the midst of adjusting to my new work schedules and moving, I started on my first commission for someone. To be quite honest, it should be finished this week – so stay tuned on my Instagram for visual updates.
All my artwork has come down from The University Heights Collaborative & Tool Library. The next time I’ll be having it shown, drawing live & selling NoirMyth merchandise will be on Friday, September 18th from 7:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. in North Tonawanda for local Cold Wave / Goth party series Seance At The Sanctuary. Visit my event page or click the link to see more information about other artists involved, location & DJ’s. All proceeds go to benefit the Asha Sanctuary.

Seance At The Sanctuary Flier
Seance At The Sanctuary Flier


djhausflyIf you missed my last set at Milkie’s for the Vaggie Fest Dance Party, catch me at The Greater Buffalo Collective’s STARFALL MUSIC FESTIVAL which is set to take place August 21st through the 23rd at the Hogarosa Campgrounds. This will be my first camping experience for the Summer and I can’t think of a better way to spend it to be honest.
Tickets/Packages are available here, and you are able to RSVP on the Facebook Event Page & sift through the all the details like:

  • Time / Stage Set-Ups for each designated day
  • The very diverse official lineup of performances
  • Vendors / Ammenities
  • and the supporters who helped to make this 3-Day event possible.

Check Out The Flier Below!



Moment of Reflection: A Brief Update on Life And Collective Ventures

Grateful that this month has allowed me the opportunity to reflect on the growth and progression of both my personal & collaborative journeys.


D.O.P.E. Collective took a planning hiatus this month. It was very bitter-sweet, seeing as one of our collective members relocated to Texas to do what they have to do. We’ll miss you Jai. :’-(

The Prince themed going away party was pretty sick though, and we had the ability to enjoy each-other’s company as friends instead of business partners. We’re going to come back in August with even more love, strength & efficiency.

I’m in the midst of a creative peak, new ideas and images are fabricating in my head on the regular basis. So I will be well equip for The Deadzone Collective’s Opening Show on Friday July, 31st at 6PM.

The Deadzone Collective was initiated by local artists Julia Wald and Paris Henderson to give small scale Buffalo Creatives a way to shine outside of the established art community. I feel honored to be apart of this new project, and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

The most important piece of experience/lesson I’ve picked up that has been the most helpful in keeping things together the best way possible:

Embracing the fact that everything is not perfect or neatly wrapped by any means, because there needs to be room for things to fall into place. I acknowledge that sometimes I have disregarded my limitations, given dark/negative situations, people or places too much power and have lost sight of what really matters.

But, I’m learning to reject this energy off the rip, step back to regain control of my focus, remind myself of my true value and what I’m fortunate to have or can offer. Also recognizing that it’s crucial to be tender and forgiving with myself when I slip, because those qualities are key to understanding my humanity as well as necessary for navigating in this world. *

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